Since 2010, we at OPK have been offering tailor-made workshops to our customers, seamlessly integrated into their business planning processes across 60+ markets.

Action Planning Workshops

We provide our customers with workshops that are tailored to seamlessly integrate into their business planning process.

While customer satisfaction data is often considered valuable, taking meaningful action based on the insights is often neglected. This is mainly due to the distributed responsibilities within a corporate setting, where “hot topics” seldom receive dedicated attention from a single department or individual.

Our action planning workshops address this challenge by creating an opportunity for comprehensive discussions among all functional heads. These workshops focus on extracting key takeaways from the study and developing actionable strategies that align with the organization’s overall goals.

We facilitate bridging the gap between customer satisfaction data and effective action planning through our customized workshops.

Team Building Trainings

We also conduct professional trainings designed to guide groups of professionals across diverse industries in achieving their objectives, moving from point A to point B through the application of various techniques, both indoors and outdoors.

Our concept is simple: we believe in experiential learning, recognizing that failures are an integral part of the learning process and are instrumental in driving growth and improvement.

The team building training we offer is tailored to meet the specific needs of each team, depending on their current stage in the journey towards becoming a best practice example of efficient workflows.


Our team activity is designed to motivate individuals, fostering teamwork, and encouraging the development of strengths while addressing weaknesses. It emphasizes collaboration over competition, creating an environment conducive to effective team building. To maximize its impact, it is crucial to incorporate team building into your workplace routines and practices. By doing so, you promote a culture of collaboration and enhance overall team performance.

Team building session

Our team event takes place outside the usual business setting and includes feedback sessions on the activities. These sessions provide an opportunity for reflection and identification of key takeaways. Participants gain insights on the necessity for change and learn how to integrate the findings into their daily business routines.

Team development session

The outcome of the learning experience activity is seamlessly integrated into the daily business processes and continuously monitored through recurring activities. This ensures that the acquired knowledge and insights are effectively implemented and consistently measured to drive ongoing improvement. By incorporating this feedback loop into the workflow, organizations can maintain a proactive approach to assessing performance and making necessary adjustments to optimize their business processes.

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